Building the bench

Evan Scott stood on the 13th green in Los Cabos, Mexico, looked at the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains and marveled at how far he had come. Here was a kid from the toughest part of Philadelphia surveying a putt in paradise.      Read more >>

New York City illustration

COE brings urban school leaders together

Community and school leaders from across the region came together at the College of Education’s Distinguished Lecture Series Tuesday evening to discuss new ways to partner with each other.       Read more >>

Broughal Middle School

Lehigh Launches a Community School Partnership

More than 100 people came out earlier this week as Lehigh launched a community school partnership with Broughal Middle School. The Center for Developing Urban Educational Leaders (CDUEL) in the College of Education is leading this unique partnership in an effort to expand opportunities for students in urban schools.      Read more >>

Lehigh/CDUEL Educational Rounds is an open forum for educators and those interested in education. Using a Socratic Seminar format, Rounds provides an opportunity for the sharing of multiple perspectives in a risk-free environment on instructional practice and other important issues that have an impact on the core of schooling in both the public and private sectors.

The Center for Educating Urban Educational Leaders (CDUEL) is dedicated to conducting rigorous research and developing exemplary school leaders to produce high quality schooling experience for urban children across America. CDUEL was founded in October 2006 with the generous support of Peter Bennett ’63.

Since its inception, CDUEL has persistently been working toward its commitment to improve urban schools and close the achievement gap between low-income urban students and their middle class peers by selecting, educating, and placing passionate competent urban school leaders.