Lehigh's College of Education Ranks 42nd in USNWR!

The College of Education is ranked 42nd out of 245 education colleges. The rankings will appear in the magazine’s “America’s Best Graduate Schools for 2015” issue.  Read more>>

Finding Common Ground

The educators lean forward in their chairs and tilt their heads to ponder the situation from a new perspective. They furrow their brows, contemplating how they will answer the question hanging over the room. Read more >>

The Reverse Gender Gap

The Reverse Gender Gap

The data is indisputable: Boys now lag behind girls in several significant areas of education. But the roots of the new gender gap are more complex and nuanced than has been reported. And so are the solutions. Read more>>

The Average Mistake

When it comes to schools like J-town, the numbers don’t always add up. Rankings by average student literacy and numeracy proficiency cannot appropriately value the often impressive and unexpected accomplishments of great schools. Read more>>