• Helping orphaned youths in Rwanda

    As village leaders work to restore hope to the approximately 500 Rwandan youths living on campus, a team of doctoral students in the College of Education are helping to revise their system for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of their myriad programs. Read more>>

  • ‘Are we prepared to experiment?’

    Educator Geoffrey Canada, who rose to national prominence as the head of the Harlem Children’s Zone, acknowledged in a well-attended appearance at Lehigh’s Zoellner Arts Center that he is outspoken and controversial, but he made no apologies. Read more>>
  • Theory to Practice Now Online!

    Theory to Practice, a research review produced annually by Lehigh’s College of Education, is designed to reflect both the changing nature of education and COE’s emphasis on cutting-edge research that results in measurable changes in schools, clinics and policy. Read more...
  • Diving into data

    If you want to learn, for example, whether a young child’s narrative abilities influence his or her eventual reading abilities, you need data. Read more... 

  • Study sheds light

    Lesbian, gay and bisexual people who are over 50, says Bethany Perkins Detwiler, make up a little-studied segment of America’s population. Read more...

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