Center for Adolescent Research in Schools (CARS)

CARS is a research study examining intervention for high school age students with social, emotional, and behavioral problems. CARS is a national research center funded by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES).
Our mission is to develop and evaluate interventions for adolescents with social, emotional, and behavioral problems. 
Each of the principal investigators has been engaged in meaningful research focused on the critical issues faced by youth with emotional and behavioral concerns for decades. The three investigators are joined by a strong research team of scholars who share a committment to intervention development and evaluation for adolescents with emotional and behavioral needs.
We develop, adapt, and evaluate interventions to help strategies for supporting these students. In addition to identifying effective techniques, we also will strive to ensure that the interventions are comprehensive, culturally relevant, and practical.  Interventions can be found in the following manuals:
  1.  CARS Classroom-Based Intervention Manual
  2. CARS Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Anxiety Manual
  3. CARS Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Depression Manual
  4. CARS Interpersonal Skills Group Manual