Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Certificate (Online + Face-to-Face)

Teachers and administrators of the 21st century are continually looking for opportunities for professional development. Our Certificate programs were designed with this fact in mind. As an alternative to completing a Degree program, teachers and administrators can complete four courses towards a Certificate of Completion. 
Timothy Bonner, Ph.D. Linguistics, has been a TESOL educator since 1994 and currently teaches certificate courses for Lehigh University.  He is the former director of English as a Second Language at Lehigh University.  His specializations are Second Language Acquisition, TESOL Principles and Practices, and Second Language Assessment.  He conducts research, presents n the fields of TESOL and Applied Linguistics and has conducted training and seminars to Pre-K-12 teachers in Asia, the MIddle East and the U.S.
Dr. Bonner's research areas are mainly two areas of linguistics: 1) acquisition of English inflections by non-native speakers and how first language and input variations affect cognition and output of second language inflections; and 2)effects of the first culture and the first language on a learner's accuracy in second language assessments.  His research and teaching are defined by his desire to improve language instruction and assessment in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) students.  As a linguist, he has a deep interest in learning languages and has studied Arabic, Korean and Chinese.