Research centers

The College of Education is home to two nationally recognized research centers that provide critical roles in our educatioal landscape.

Centennial School: Centennial is a nationally recognized day school for students with the most significant emotional and behavioral needs. As a College of Education lab school, one goal of Centennial is to prepare high quality special education teachers to enter the workforce in Pennsylvania and other states across the country. Centennial works closely with College of Education faculty to bridge the gap between theory and practice, enhancing the meaning and relevance to the coursework of our students.

The Center for Developing Urban Educational LeadersPrincipals and other leaders play a critical role in the success of urban schools. The Center for Developing Urban Educational Leaders cultivates educational leadership in cities by conducting research, developing leadership competencies and improving leadership practice. The center creates research and professional programs to educate the next generation of urban leaders. 

The Center for Promoting Research to PracticeThe Center for Promoting Research to Practice develops practical solutions to the problems faced by individuals who have or are at risk for disabilities.  Through partnerships with high-need school districts, the center facilitates the positive impact of research findings on school services. It also improves community services together with the service providers, and it works with parents and families to expand their role as full partners in implementation of successful strategies for people with or at risk for disabilities.