Dr. Alexander W. Wiseman

Room A323
Research Interests: 
Comparative Education
Education and Human Services
Global Education
International Education
Multicultural Issues

Dr. Wiseman is interested in both comparing American education with schooling that occurs in other nations as well as investigating and understanding global trends in education. His work focuses on cross-national trends and comparative phenomena in three overlapping areas: school organization and management, schooling and the labor market, and schooling as a national project.

Dr. Wiseman publishes, teaches, and speaks regularly on a wide range of educational topics including gender and education, the managerial activity of principals, the transition from school to work, institutional approaches to comparative education, and internationally comparative analyses of national educational systems. His publications include numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters and several books. Some of his recent books are Principals under Pressure: The Growing Crisis (Scarecrow Education, 2005), The Employability Imperative: Schooling for Work as a National Project (Nova Science, 2007) and Education for All: Global Promises, National Challenges (Elsevier, 2007).

Dr. Wiseman's current projects include a cross-national study of youth political socialization in schools and an internationally comparative study of gender-segregated national school systems.