Available aid

Research assistantships (RAs), graduate assistantships (GAs), fellowships, and scholarships are academic awards offered by the University, academic departments, and by the Dean’s Office. Loans and work study employment are distributed by the Office of Financial Aid and are awarded through the Financial Aid Office beginning with applicant completion of a Lehigh University Graduate Student Financial Aid application.

The College and Department of Education & Human Services allocates scholarship awards to the six academic programs. These scholarships are disbursed on needs-basis, seniority-basis, or merit-basis (left to the discretion of the program faculty). The top priority for student scholarship funding is given to full-time doctoral students.
Assistance for doctoral students:
  • Tuition scholarship (tuition credits only)
  • Graduate assistant (GA) (tuition credits plus stipend)
    • Full-time (20 hours/week & 9 credits/semester)*
    • Part-time (10 hours/week & 3-4 credits/semester)*
  • Grant opportunities
  • Research assistant (RA) (tuition credits plus stipend)
  • Personnel preparation/training grants

Assistance for master's students:

  • Full-time work opportunities (with part-time tuition credits) at Centennial School, an approved private school and outreach consultation program, for students who have intense emotional and behavioral needs. Graduate students are typically employed as full-time teachers, although other part-time experiences are sometimes available (e.g., job coaches). Full or part-time salary plus tuition. Contact: Dr. Michael George, (610) 266-6500. 
The College also offers Scholarship Awards:

*Graduate assistants (GA) typically work ten hours/week and receive a $7,000 stipend over the course of 9 months. These assistantships can sometimes be enhance to a total of 20 hours/week. Our full-time students typically take 9 credits/semester and cannot take more than 10 credits/semester.

Lehigh University offers The University Doctoral Fellowship and The University Doctoral Presidential Fellowship through the Office of Vice President and Associate Provost for Research and Graduate Studies office. Lehigh also offers the President's Scholar's Program to undergraduates who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement by providing a fifth year of free tuition. 
We encourage you to visit Lehigh University's Office of Financial Aid. Their website will provide you with information and resources for financing your graduate education.